Pyrope garnet

Pyrope liab garnet yog lub hnub yug ntawm Lub Ib Hlis

Pyrope liab garnet yog lub hnub yug ntawm Lub Ib Hlis.

Yuav cov khoom lag luam pyrope garnet hauv peb lub khw

The mineral pyrope is a member of the garnet group. It is the only member of the family to always display red coloration in natural samples, and it is from this characteristic that it gets its name from the Greek for fire and eye.

Despite being less common than most other colors, it is a widely used gemstone with numerous alternative names, some of which are misnomers.

Muaj pes tsawg leeg

Pure pyrope is Mg3Al2(SiO4)3, although typically other elements are present in at least minor proportions. These other elements include Ca, Cr, Fe and Mn.

The stone forms a solid solution series with almandine and spessartine, uas sau suav nrog hu ua cov khoom lag luam pyralpite: pyrope, almandine thiab spessartine.

Iron and manganese substitute for the magnesium in the stone structure. The resultant, mixed composition garnets are defined according to their pyrope-almandine piv. Lub pob zeb semi-zoo nkauj tshooj rhodolite is a garnet of 70% composition.

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The origin is in ultramafic rocks, typically peridotite from the Earth’s mantle: these mantle-derived peridotites can be attributed both to igneous and metamorphic processes. It also occurs in ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks, as in the Dora-Maira massif in the western Alps.

In that massif, nearly pure stone occurs in crystals to almost 12 cm in diameter; some of that gem has inclusions of coesite, and some has inclusions of enstatite and sapphirine.

The stone is common in peridotite xenoliths from kimberlite pipes, some of which are diamond-bearing. It found in association with diamond commonly has a Cr2O3 content of 3 to 8 %, which imparts a distinctive violet to deep purple coloration, often with a greenish tinge, and because of this is often used as a kimberlite indicator mineral in areas where erosive activity makes pin pointing the origin of the pipe difficult. These varieties are known as chrome-pyrope.

Pyrope garnet cov cim

In hand specimen, It is very tricky to distinguish from almandine, however, it is likely to display fewer flaws and inclusions. Other distinguishing criteria are listed in the adjacent table. Care should be taken when using these properties as many of those listed have been determined from synthetically grown, pure-composition stone.

Others, such as high specific gravity, may be of little use when studying a small crystal embedded in a matrix of other silicate minerals. In these cases, mineral association with other mafic and ultramafic minerals may be the best indication that the garnet you are studying is pyrope.

In petrographic thin section, the most distinguishing features of the stone are those shared with the other common stones: high relief and isotropy. It tend to be less strongly colored than other silicate minerals in thin section, although It may show a pale pinkish-purple hue in plane-polarized light.

The lack of cleavage, commonly euhedral crystal morphology, and mineral associations should also be used in identification under the microscope.

Garnet birthstone

Garnet yog lub hnub yug ntawm Lub Ib Hlis.

Pyrope garnet lub ntsiab lus thiab kho cov khoom muaj txiaj ntsig

Tshooj lus hauv qab no yog pseudo scientific thiab raws li kev ntseeg.

Use its healing powers to boost circulation and blood disorders, as well as the digestive tract and immune system. The crystal emotionally relieves anxiety, and promotes composure, courage and endurance. the stone stimulates warmth and gentleness, unifying the creative forces of the self.

Qauv los ntawm Pailin, Qhab Meem teb


Are red pyrope garnets expensive?

Cov pob zeb zoo zoo hauv qhov ntau thiab tsawg tau muag rau $ 50 txog $ 400 US ib daim carat, nrog qhov tsawg kawg nkaus liab Malaia garnets mus $ 1,000 txog $ 3,000 US ib qhov nqi. Rhodolite garnet yog kev sib xyaw ntawm almandine thiab pyrope garnet uas muaj txiaj ntsig rau nws cov xim ntshiab-liab lossis liab xim.

Loj li cas yog 1 carat garnet?

Loj: Ntawm 6.5 hli puag ncig txiav

Koj puas tuaj yeem hnav garnet niaj hnub?

Lub pob zeb zeb tuaj yeem hnav txhua hnub nyob rau hauv daim ntawv ntawm qhwv ntsej, nplhaib, thiab caj dab, tsuas yog zam tshwj xeeb dab tsi, uas zoo dua rau caj dab thiab caj dab. Sim hnav cov pob zeb liab sib sib zog nqus nrog cov xim sib txawv hauv koj lub wardrobe.

Dab tsi yog garnet liab zoo rau?

Vim tias nws zoo li no lub pob zeb energizing, Nws yog feem ntau siv rau kev nthuav qhia thiab hnav raws li tus talisman rau hmoov zoo. Ntxiv nrog rau nqa cov ntaub ntawv tseem ceeb, lub zog siab, thiab kev tiv thaiv, garnet kuj tseem pab tsim kev ntseeg tus kheej thiab qhia meej txog lub neej lub hom phiaj.

Garnet yog pob zeb muaj hmoo?

Nws suav hais tias yog pob zeb muaj hmoo, rau kev hlub, kev ua tiav, thiab kev lag luam kev sib raug zoo.

Ua garnets nti yooj yim?

Ntxiv mus, gemstones tsis brittle, tsis nti yooj yim thiab raws li xws li tau pom tias zoo dua cov neeg sib tw rau cov hniav nyiaj hniav kub uas niaj hnub siv dua li Emeralds. Lwm cov cuab yeej tseem ceeb ntawm qee qhov garnets yog lawv lub peev xwm los qhia nyob rau hauv cov hues sib txawv hauv ntuj thiab dag lub teeb.

Yog garnet nyuaj dua li quartz?

Pob zeb diamond yog cov qib ua qhov nyuaj tshaj plaws (10), tom qab ntawd ruby ​​thiab sapphire (9), garnet, topaz, thiab spinel (8), kab tho, tourmaline thiab quartz (7).

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